All About Electric Towel Rail Radiators

Do Your Electric Towel Rails Come with the Electric Element Already Installed?

The single/ variable heat electric element is supplied separately for all our electric towel rails. This allows you to choose which side of the rail the element can be installed in and also prevents damage in transit.

How Do Filled Electric Rails?

We pre-fill our electric towel rails with 85% pure water and 5% anti-freeze (ethylene glycol), leaving a 10% air gap for expansion.

What Do I Need for Electric Use Only?

You don’t need anything. Towel Rail Coming is Pre-Filled with choice of element

Can I Install the Electric Element at the Top Instead of Electric Rail?

No, heat rises so installing an element at the top of a rail will mean that the solution inside will not be heated up properly. More seriously though this could lead to element overheating and blowing.

What Is Tread Size Towel Rails And Electric Element?

1/2” BSP (15mm)

What are Non-thermostatic and Thermostatic Elements?

The types of element refers to the way the rails heats up. A non-thermostatic (single heat) element heats the rail up to a constant temperature of 65¡C. A thermostatic (variable) element has a control that allows you to adjust the temperature between 20¡C and 70¡C

Can I Have Electric Towel on a Timer?

Yes, you can. We offer a fully programmable 24 hour timer.

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