Black Dual Fuel KIT Thermostatic Heating Element Electric GT


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Dual Fuel Kit GT Black Thermostatic Heating Element By Cini
Whats Included In This Package;
1 x Black Dual Fuel Adapter ( Dual Fuel adaptor)
1 x Black Thermostatic Element
2 x Black Angled Towel Rail Valves(if you need mix valves please contact us)
Element Specification;
Available as 150W, 300W, 600W and 900W
Possibility of precise temperature regulation ( 5-70°C )
Made with High Quality Components
Ring shaped indicator lamp can seen from all the angles
Rubber seal prevents water leakage
Thermal fuse Prevents overheating
Housing made of two elements allows for an easy access to the potentiometer
Design matches Modern, as we as traditional radiators and towel heaters
Saves energy by providing the possibility of heating only one room instead of turning the whole central heating on,
Eco-friendly packing solution.
IP-65 Ip Rating
1.5mt Flex Cable Attached
GT electric heater with temperature regulator is that the housing is divided into two units: The first unit (the housing A) is fixed to the heater support.
The second unit (the housing B), which contains the temperature regulation button and power cable, can rotate on the vertical side of the axis, which makes placing it into desired position simple.
Can be installed into the left or right hand side at the bottom of the towel rail.
Electric element must be installed into the bottom of the towel rail radiator.
WARNING!:This product must be installed by a qualified electrician. The element must only be used with water and
should be turned on only when it is fully immersed in water.