Black Terma Moa Dual Fuel Kit for Heated Towel Rails Electric Element, Valves, T Piece


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Thermostatic Dual Fuel Towel Rail in Black  Dual Fuel Conversion Kit
Power 120W-200W-300W-400W-600W-800W
5-step heating temperature range
Low energy consumption in stand-by mode
Option to set the maximum temperature individually
Temperature sensor installed in the heating element
Double protection of heating element: against overheating and fire
Heating element protection against dry functioning
1.5mt Flex Cable Attached
IP Rating – IP54
2h drying function with a switch-off mode
Turn off timer
Radiator connection: 1/2”
Can be installed into the left or right hand side at the bottom of the towel rail.
Electric element must be installed into the bottom of the towel rail radiator.

Whats Included in this kit;
1 x Black  T-Piece ( Dual Fuel adaptor)
1 x Black Angled Valves Pairs((if you need mix valves please contact us)
1 x Blanking Plug
1 x Thermostatic Moa Black  Heating Element ( Select Wattage )
WARNING!:This product must be installed by a qualified electrician.
The element must only be used with water and should be turned on only when it is fully immersed in water.