KTX3 Electric Heating Electric Element Programming the 24-hour Timer Black


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TERMA KTX 3 Heating Thermostatic Electric Element Heated Towel Rail Controller in BLACK

Power 120W-200W-300W-400W-600W-800W
Modern design
LCD display and membrane keypad
Temperature regulation range from 30°C to 60°C in steps of 1°C
LCD display showing the current time (clock) and radiator temperature
Casing available in 3 colours –  chrome, black, White
ANTIFREEZE function, protection against temperatures below 5-7°C
1.5mt Flex Cable Attached
Ingress protection [IP]: IPx4: MS version; IPx5: cable version
double overheating protection
Symmetrical housing (can be installed on the left or right side)
Radiator connection: 1/2”
Split connector makes it possible to disconnect the heating element from the controller head
24-hour timer with an option of programming 4 time intervals
when the heating element maintains the set temperature or remains turned off
Can be installed into the left or right hand side at the bottom of the towel rail.
Electric element must be installed into the bottom of the towel rail radiator.

WARNING!!! This product must be installed by a qualified electrician.
The element must only be used with water and should be turned on only when it is fully
immersed in water.