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General Information (FAQ):

Can your heated towel rails be used on a standard central heating system?

Yes our heated towel rails can be connected up like a normal radiator and all have high heat outputs – they not only warm your towels, but your whole bathroom too.

What is a BTU?

BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’ which is the measurement of the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree. One BTU is equivalent to about 0.3 Watts.

How are your heat outputs calculated?

Our heat outputs are all independently tested using EN442 regulations. Unlike other retailers we give the true heat output rather than a fictitious figure. We recommend asking any retailer for the heat output certificate for a particular product.

Can this towel rail be converted to dual fuel?

Yes our heated towel rails can be run on two energy sources, meaning that you can have run the towel rail from your central heating in the winter and your electricity supply in the summer. – Warm towels all year round. (You can not convert Traditional/Victorian towel rails to dual fuel).

Can the Heated Towel Rail be used as electric only?

Heated towel rails can be used as electric only. The element is to be fitted, and then the towel rail filled with 85% water and 5% inhibitor, leaving a 10% gap at the top. If using as electric only (completely isolated), as long as the 25ml gap is left at the top there is no reason for it to overflow. The expansion and contracting is all done inside the radiator and can do so freely as long as there is a sufficient gap at the top of the towel rail. We do recommend that a qualified installer carries out the installation of your Electric Towel Rail.

What are the Electric Towel Rails filled with?

They are filled with a RO water Glycol solution – which is an anti-corrosive liquid.

Do I need straight or angled valves for my towel rail?

The type of valve you will require depends on the installation of your towel rail. If your pipework is coming up from the ground, then generally straight radiator valves are used. Whereas if your pipework is coming from the wall at an angle, angled valves would be used. If you are unsure on what valves you require then please contact us for more information. You can find our full range of valves available

Do your towel rails come with a guarantee?

All of our towel rails come with a standard 5 Year Guarantee giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Who should install the towel rail or radiator?

We recommend that any central heating towel rail or radiator is fitted by a qualified plumber/heating engineer, and any electrical items are installed by a qualified electrician.