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How To Choose Towel Radiator Replacement By The Pipe Centre?

If you want to replace your old radiator in a bathroom or cloakroom, and you don’t want to remove tiling nor pipes in the wall, we’ll give you the easiest way to pick a radiator and avoid headache.

The easiest way to pick a radiator is to measure its pipe centre.

What is the pipe centre of the towel rail radiator?

The pipe centre is the measurement of the valve inlets centre. On standard heated ladder towel rails, it’s the distance between middles of the bottom inlets (see the images). 

On regular radiators the pipe centre will be different, so keep that in mind (See the images).

We recommend you to measure just above the floor or wall, where the pipes come out. Centre of the pipe to centre of the pipe. With these measurements, you need to select the closest possible pipe centre on the towel rail size.

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