For Single Panel Radiators : My Homeware Radiator Booster Heat Diverter – Fit & Forget



    • Divert Rising Heat / Keep your Curtains Clean
    • Easy to Install. No Tools. No Power Source.
    • Cheapest Way to Save Energy. No Running or Maintenance Costs. Fit and Forget!
    • Unique Patented Design Exclusive to My Homeware
    • High Quality Aluminium with Polished White Finish
  • For All Radiator Widths 400 – 1800 mm (40 – 180 cm)

100% Customer Satisfaction

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measure radiator width for radiator booster

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    • Please make sure to measure your radiator width end-to-end as shown in the illustration above, so that you will receive the correct size radiator booster which you can fit easily in minutes.
    • For radiator widths 1300mm and over, the radiator booster comes as 2-piece set because of the extra long width.
    • No Tools Required. Easy Fit & Forget!
  • Save Energy with No Running or Maintenance Costs.

Height of Unit : 45mm (4.5cm)

Note: Radiators not included. You are ordering only the radiator booster.

Booster Widths: Please note when you order your booster, say for 400mm radiator, the actual booster you will receive will have a width of 350mm, which is slightly smaller so it fits nicely into radiator top grill.

Radiator Booster Air Flow Adapter Heat Diverter For Single Panel Radiators With Top Grill (Vertical Slots) – Fit And Forget!

These are the most popular types of radiators installed in British homes. Some larger rooms may have Double Panel Radiators installed, then you would need to order our Radiator Booster for Double Panel Radiators. If you are not sure, you could use our illustrations and guides to help decide whether you need boosters for single or double panel radiators.

In some rare cases, if the top grill slots of radiator are NOT vertical, but horizontal, as illustrated below, then our radiator boosters WILL NOT FIT THOSE TYPE OF GRILLS.

My Homeware Radiator Boosters Will Fit
Most Panel (Convector) Radiators With A Fitted Top Grill.

With Vertical Slots As Illustrated below;

Single Size Radiator Booster for Single Panel Radiators

My Homeware Radiator Boosters will fit in minutes without needing any tools. Simply insert the correct size radiator booster into the vertical slats on top of radiator, and that’s it. Fit and Forget!