How to Fill Towel Rail Radiator for Electric Use

What You Will Need:

  • No22 or adjustable Spanner
  • Flat screwdriver or standard radiator bleed key
  • PTFE sealing tape
  • Funnel for easy / mess free pouring
  • Filtered / Bottled soft water
  • Ready to use Car Antifreeze (not concentrated) (Ethylene Glycol)

Step 1

Turn the towel radiator upside down. Insert the element on to the required side and blanking plug on to the opposite side. PTFE tape can be used on the thermostatic element facing direction if needed.

Step 2

Turn the towel radiator back to upright position carefully without damaging element. You can rest the towel rail on a box to avoid any damage to towel rail.

Step 3

Fill towel rail slowly with water + car antifreeze mixture. Towel rail must be filled up to half of the top horizontal bar. Tilt the towel rail to the left and right hand side to get any air trapped in horizontal tubes.

Step 4

Once the bleeding & blanking plug has been tightened on the filling holes, make sure bleeding valve is closed.

Step 5

Install the towel rail on to the wall and wire it into fuse box or wall controller.

Step 6

The mains power lead will need to be connected to a suitable and isolated power supply. This step should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. Your warranty will be void if this opera1on is not carried out by a suitably qualified person.

Turn on the power supply and allow the towel rail to reach its operating temperature. If the unit has a variable temperature control, ensure that it is set to maximum.

Bleed the excess air from bleeding valve. Once air (maybe some fluid as well ) has finished escaping from the unit shut the air vent to prevent air entering as the unit cools.

Once the vent is locked down. Turn off the power supply.

Your new, electrically heated towel rail is now ready for use.


These instructions are intended as guidance only. Check with your towel rail manufacturer that your rail is suitable for this purpose.

Ensure that your installation meets the standards legally required in your country or region.

Planning and installation should only be carried out by a suitably qualified professional.

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