Fix E7 error on KTX3

E7 error KTX

Hi, The E7 code is not necessarily a sign of a product error. By this model of heating element it could happen that the square controller is not properly placed at the electric SPLIT connection.

do this:

  1.       Disconnect the heating element from the supply.
  2.       Unscrew the small screw at the back of the control box.
  3.       Look inside the connection nest  (deep in the round opening at the box top) – all of five metal pins should be equally deeply placed. (please take a picture of it)
  1.       Control the same thing at the other part of the joint (the round plastic element that is protruding from the radiator’s body) – all the five pins at the same depth. (please take a picture of it)
  2.       Now place the controller back on the radiator’s SPLIT joint – push the box firmly but gently up to the limit (the moment when your control box touches the surface of the radiator, or nearly does).
  3.       Connect the electric supply and switch the appliance on.
  4.       Now the heating element should start working properly.

You don't need to return the radiator. If one of the pins is knackered, we'll supply a replacement.