What Are Magnetic Filters?

A magnetic boiler filter is a special attachment which is fitted to your central heating system. Cold radiators, strange boiler noises and even boiler leaks can be signs of sludge build up. Magnetic Filters can help to solve that issue by collecting debris build-up in a heating system.

Where can the Magnetic Filter be fitted?
The Magnetic Filter can be fitted anywhere on the heating circuit, however, we would recommend to install it between the last radiator and the boiler to maximize filter performance.

Can the Magnetic Filter be retro fitted?
Yes – the Magnetic Filter’s simple design and quick installation make it ideal for tackling contaminant problems in existing on systems as well as new installations.

Which direction does the arrow on the connector block need to point in?
The arrow should always point in the direction of the flow of water wherever the filter is fitted on the system.

How do I know when the filter needs cleaning?
The Magnetic Filter features a diverter within the connector block, so even if your filter becomes full of debris and magnetite, the flow of water will never be inhibited meaning that, even if you forget to i service the unit, it will never inhibit system performance.

How often should I service the Magnetic Filter?
It’s recommended that the Magnetic Filter is serviced in line with the annual service schedule of the boiler; ideally once every twelve months.

Can I add dosing chemicals through the filter?

Yes – dosing chemicals can be added to the system by draining the filter, removeing the screw cap and pouring liquid based dosing agents directly into the filter body.

Will the magnet within the Magnetic Filter cause any adverse health effects?

Caution should be taken if you have a pacemaker fitted, but normal operation of the unit should pose no health risk. If you have any doubts at all then we recommend you consult a medical proffesional.

Is it worth buying a magnetic filter?

We recognise that the answer to this question is a resounding yes. If you consider the level of damage and money that you’ve saved, getting a magnetic filter installed is definitely a no-brainer. Once you have it, you’ll be able to enjoy: A clean heating system free of sludge and iron oxide deposits.