Thank you for interest in the products and services of Myhomeware Limited. 

The Limited Warranty applies to physical goods purchased from Myhomeware Limited. 

What Does This Limited Warranty Covers?

The Limited Warranty only applies to malfunction and defects in material or workmanship, not to damages caused during installation or improper handling. It applies as follows:

  1. Radiators: The Limited Warranty covers: rust, paint flaking off and leaking.
  2. Electric Elements: The Limited Warranty covers: constant tripping or not heating up despite the connection being live, and following the troubleshooting guide in Electric Element's manual.
  3. Accessories and Others: The Limited Warranty covers: rust and paint flaking off.

How Long Does The Limited Warranty Last?

The Limited Warranty for Radiators is 5 years from the date of purchase.

The Limited Warranty for Electric Elements, Accessories and all other products is 2 years from the date of purchase.

What Can I Expect From The Limited Warranty?

  1. Radiators: We supply a brand new replacement for your item and depending on the damage, we'll either ask you to dispose of the product or we'll arrange a collection. 
  2. Electric Elements: All electric elements have to be returned back to us, no matter in what state they are, for safety checks before we dispatch a brand new replacement.
  3. Accessories and others: We supply a brand new replacement for your item and you can either keep or dispose of the product.

We don't provide refunds after 30 days from the purchase, only a brand new replacement.

How Do I Claim The Limited Warranty?

Contact us on our email with the proof of the damages and your invoice, and we'll process your claim within a single working day, most likely within few hours.

We reserve the right to ask for the photographic or video proof of the damages or malfunction.