How to Fill Towel Rail Radiator for Electric Use

**if you’re from Coventry or around, call to schedule an appointment and we’ll fill your radiator for you!

If you want to fill a radiator for electric use, you need a special solution of 85% deionized water and 15% Ethylene Glycol (car anti-freeze). This solution needs to be poured into your electric towel rail before you switch it on, as it is this solution that gets hot and causes your rail to give off heat.

You may prepare it yourself or buy it from our shop (click here or scroll down): Liquid Solution For Electric Radiators

We recommend that you allow a qualified professional to deal with this task, however, if you are planning you add the solution yourself, this guide will take you through how to do it correctly and safely.


  • Make sure the area you are working in is completely dry. Water coming into contact with electricity is very dangerous. The BS spur outlet must be positioned so that it is not possible to touch when using a tap, shower or bath. If you are not sure what this means, do not continue and please call in a professional.


  • Electric Element must be fitted to the bottom of the rail before it is mounted on the wall or on the side
  • Take the blanking plug and screw it into the opposite side to where the element will be fitted. (You can purchase blanking plugs here).
  • Shake up the bottle of fluid and pour it into the top of the rail using the provided funnel. Once all the fluid has been poured in, pour in water until about an inch from the top of the towel rail – don’t fill it all the way up. This will allow the solution to expand when it gets hot.
  • Insert the element and tighten with a 22mm spanner.
  • Position and install the towel rail into the correct position.
  • Connect the element to the mains power using a BS IE Spur socket.
  • Switch the socket on and when the heated towel rail reaches its operating temperature, bleed any excess air using the air vent.