Central Heating Radiators

Which radiator should I buy?

Select a size

If you’re replacing your radiator, measure the pipe centre and match it with the product you want to buy. Most radiators’ pipe centre is 45mm less than width (for example 400mm radiators have a 355mm pipe centre), but make sure to double check and read the description as some products may differ.

Select a finish – Chrome or Colour

Chrome Towel Rails will most likely match better the finish of the brassware of your bathroom; however Black/White/Anthracite versions have higher BTU outputs, usually about a 30% higher. This is because powder coating transmits heat better than chrome plating.

Select the shape – Straight or Curved

Straight Towel Rails protrude less into your bathroom whilst Curved versions allow some extra room for the towels.
The difference in output between both versions is unnoticeable.

What else do I have to buy?

If you want to connect your radiator to central heating, you need VALVES.

Straight or Angled?
If your pipework is coming up from the ground, then straight radiator valves are used. Whereas if it is coming from the wall at an angle, angled valves are used.

TRV or Regular?
Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) have an in-built temperature sensor, that keeps the room temperature at a constant level. Regular valves are effectively the same as taps – you turn the valve to control the temperature of the room.


*** Radiators should be installed by a qualified plumber
Step 1
Check that the wall is strong enough to hold the weight of the towel rail. Mark your preferred bracket positions on the wall and drill holes for the fixings you intend to use. The diameter of the Wall Plugs supplied is 8mm and they are only suitable for solid walls. You will need alternative fixings for other wall types.
Step 2
Screw the Bracket Bases to the wall using the Washers & Wall Screws provided or alternative fixings.
Step 3
Loosely fit the Bracket Stems to the towel rail with the Bracket Fronts & Bracket Screws. Rotate the Bracket Stems as shown in the diagram below.


Step 4
Align the Bracket Stems with the Bracket Bases and push the towel rail back into position.
Step 5
Tighten the central Bracket Screws with a screwdriver.
Step 6
Insert the Mini Screws into the holes in the underside of Bracket Bases and tighten with a screwdriver to fix the Bracket Stem into the Bracket Base
Step 7
Push the Cover Caps into position on the Bracket Fronts.